Save money when renting apartment in long term 1

Save money when renting apartment in long term

In some cases, although short term rental is more flexible than long term rental, choosing apartment for rent in Hanoi in a long time will give you some special advantages, one of these is saving amount of money. If your stay in Vietnam lasts for several years, you should consider changing into a new long term apartment for rent.

In Hanoi, there are some definitions in the apartment rental market, you should know thoroughly. Usually, short term rental is from at least 3 months and long term rental is over a year. Recently, short term rentals have become more popular in order to meet demand of expatriates in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Short term rentals offer more privacy and lesser cost than hotel rooms. Nowadays, apartments for rent in short term are fully serviced as well as furnished. However, renting apartment in long term bring you some significant benefits. One of these is saving amount of money.

Long term rentals offer a lower price

Deciding to rent apartment in a long time means to create a stable income for the landlord. And in some situations, landlords usually want a long term rental; so that, to encourage this, they have some big promotions. In common, the monthly cost will be lower than short term rentals. The discount will be significant, for example one or two-month renting cost,…It depends on the apartment you choose.

Get better relationship with landlord

Once you move in that apartment for long time, it means that you have the opportunity to see and to talk with the landlord. And in another hand, you will trustworthy partner to him. For several years, you can bargain for another reasonable cost easily. But remember that you should choose right time (for ex: end of seasons).

Saving ways of long term rental

Apart from the renting cost per month, you also could have another amount. If you use a service for long time such as daily cleaning, laundry,… service suppliers are willing give you some discounts.

Somehow, the longer you stay at your apartment for rent, the more experiences you get. You may find out fresh foods in the market, some trust stores which sell affordable prices. These things might not be paid attention but, when you sum up all savings, you will be surprise very much.

Design like your own home

In short term rentals, you don’t have enough time and redecorating follow your style is waste a lot of money (sometimes is unnecessary). But in long term rentals, you could do it easily. You should choose an apartment for rent without furniture; maybe the cost will be lower.

Above are some tips to save money when renting apartment in Hanoi for long time. Hope this article will be useful!

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