Under $500 of budget, is a fully furnished apartment in Hanoi available? 1

Under $500 of budget, is a fully furnished apartment in Hanoi available?

To some expats who come to Hanoi for the first time, finding an apartment for rent is quite difficult, however, choosing furniture here also takes so much time and money. So that, in Hanoi, there are many fully furnished apartments, however within $500, is a fully furnished apartment in Hanoi available?

The answer is yes, totally yes

If you come to Hanoi a few years ago, it will be hard to find an apartment for rent with full furniture inside. However, in order to meet the demand, recently, housing rental market is much more diverse and expats could find fully furnished apartments for rent in Hanoi easily. Especially, some apartments cost under $500/month. It will be better if you find a perfect apartment with new furniture and affordable price. You will not have to search for furniture shops, bargain and take other risks. In fact that, once you leave, you cannot bring all furniture you bought back to your country. Thus, a fully furnished apartment for rent is one way to save money.

There are many ways to find these apartments (apartments for rent with full furniture and cost under $500). You can find your relatives or a trust agency. In some cases, if you get luck, you can find the apartment by yourself. But with a professional agency such as Alpha housing, you will be offered new listings, know pros – cons of apartments and visit some reasonable apartments before deciding.

Some useful tips before choosing the fully furnished apartment for rent

In order to lead you to quick and right decision, we hope some suggestions below may help you:

Consider condition of furniture: On any visit or house tour, you should consider of furniture. They are old or new, durable or easy to be broken? If you stay there for a long time, taking into account furniture will save you time and money.

Should choose apartment that has enough furniture: To stay in a house or apartment for a long time, you will need beds, cabinets, kitchen, bathroom equipment,… Those are all basic things you need for your new life in Hanoi.

Don’t think much about furniture: Although you are searching for a full furnished apartment for rent in Hanoi, you should not care much about furniture. You also need to prepare price, environment and amenities around your stay.

And here are some outstanding apartments

Studio apartment 1: Located on 25 Ngo Thi Nham Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, this apartment has 40m2 in total area and full furniture. Inside the apartment, most equipment is new and modern.

Studio apartment 2: Within under $500 of cost, you will not miss this apartment once you visit. Bedroom, bathroom and living room are separated. In there, all function furniture and equipment are available, such as: gas stove, fridge, air conditioner, TV,…

Located on no. 13 Tuc Mac Alley, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, from this apartment, it easy to access amenities around and move to other places. Despite being in heart’s position of Hanoi, Vietnam, the cost each month for this apartment is affordable. With only from $400, you could stay for a long time in the apartment.

Those are 2 examples for fully furnished apartment which is under $500. If you want a visit, please call hotline: . However, in Alphahousing team, there are plenty of houses/apartments/villas for rent. See more here: https://alphahousing.vn/houses/tay-ho/

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